ATI & NVIDIA Talk MXM Off the Record

[H] has asked the question, "Two years ago, NVIDIA announced its MXM socketed initiative for the GPU mobile market. This new technology would allow for a modular GPU slot in all laptops, thus making servicing and upgrades much easier. Two years later, still nothing. Why?"

"As lofty as the expectations of the MXM technology are, for the most part the hands of the integrators and the customers have first and foremost been tied by the ODMs who designed the cards, logic boards, and enclosures. In an effort to create more attractive, more innovative designs and system builds, they've taken the reigns away from NVIDIA. We found the contradicting statements between NVIDIA, who remains optimistic about full compliance, and ATI, who is anything but optimistic, very interesting. This got us to thinking about the market."
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