ASUS Unveils TA-8G and TA-8H Chassis

ASUS TA-8G and TA-8H Chassis Integrates Stylish Design with Exceptional Ventilation and Convenient Hardware Access

Revolutionary Chassis Design with Advanced Front and Rear Fan Ventilation Delivers Maximum Thermal Efficiency for More Stable Operations

Taipei, Taiwan; October 02, 2008 ASUS, producer of top-quality chassis, has today announced the stylish TA-8G and TA-8H Series of chassis that incorporate advanced ventilation, injury-proof installation, easy access to hardware components and a large hardware capacity for customized PC building. In addition, the independent USB port design provides users with convenient access to USB devices and avoids mutual interference when multiple USB devices are connected.

Innovative Design that Fuses Style with FunctionalityBoth the TA-8G and TA-8H are designed to be stylish-looking and aesthetically-pleasing. The plastic textured bezel (available in different colors) occupies the front faceplate of the chassis; which subtly juxtaposes the matt black finishing of the rest of the chassis; while the power button is back-lit with a blue LED light to bring about an elegant and sleek ambience while in operation. Furthermore, both models are also equipped with a top ODD cover that protects against dust, and provides a consistent overall color tone. The surfaces are also sturdy and scratch-free; while rounded corners protects the user against cuts and scratches while accentuating the whole look and feel.

Exceptional Ventilation DesignBoth the TA-8G and TA-8H support dual 80mm front and rear fans, with the option of upgrading the front fan to a 120mm large fan to cater to users who require increased airflow at lower fan speeds for quieter computing environments. Furthermore, the side venting holes pull in cool air to lower CPU and graphic card temperatures and the air-duct funnels the cool air towards the CPU, while unique rear venting holes enhances ventilation around the add-on cards. This comprehensive cooling design enables long and continuous operations for the most powerful processing platforms and increases overall system performance and stability.

Easy-Access Installation for Convenient DIYThe screw-less hard drive cage with user-friendly holders and side panels with thumbscrews enable easy system upgrade and maintenance; while the injury-proof hard drive cage with folded and plastic-covered metal edges protect fingers from scrapes and cuts. Intelligently located USB ports in the front IO port guard against dust and avoids mutual interference when multiple USB devices are connected. All these features make both the TA-8G and TA-8H Series convenient and safe for DIY installation.

Outstanding Scalability for Future Hardware Expandability The TA-8G and TA-8H provide support for four 5.25-inch and six 3.5-inch drive bays, seven PCI slots, two USB ports and two audio ports and one 1394 port to support an vast array of optical drives, hard disks, sound cards, LAN cards and peripherals—providing users with the ultimate in scalability for future upgrading options.

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