ASUS Teases Android-Powered Batman Toy On Google+ with "WeTransform" Slogan

ASUS has some announcements brewing for Computex in a few days, and they’re teasing with the slogan “WeTransform”. Presumably, this has something to do with the company’s Transformer line of tablets, and/or possibly with some convertible PCs. Or perhaps we’re reading into the slogan wrong.

Whatever the announcements end up being, we’ll know for sure in 2 days, 11 hours, and (at the moment) 49 minutes and 53 seconds when the press conference begins. In the meantime, ASUS posted a teaser on Google+ that consists of an Android-themed Batman toy that almost looks like a refugee from LEGO Batman.

ASUS Android Batman

The toy doesn’t apparently “do” anything, but you get to pry all the little pieces out of one of those plastic frame things and put it together. The little figure is labelled “T5-01 Droid Mark V” and is a “superhero model 1/10th scale high performance fighter”.

ASUS Android Batman

While we’re certainly interested in what “WeTransform” is all about, we also hope that our contacts at ASUS might see fit to send an Android Batman or two our way. It’s, uh, for our kids. Yes, that’s it. The kids.