ASUS ROG Scar Gaming Laptop Breaks Cover With A Core i9-14900HX And RTX 4090

Rear angled render of the ASUS ROG Strix Scar 16 gaming laptop with an RGB underglow.
It's only a matter of time before Intel introduces 14th Gen Core Raptor Lake Refresh processors for mobile (laptops) just it recently did on the desktop. We must be getting close, too, considering the leaked benchmark runs that are now popping up. The most recent one points to an upcoming ASUS ROG Strix Scar 16 gaming laptop outfitted with a Core i9-14900HX, which is where Intel will presumably plant its flagship flag on the mobile side.

This is at least the second laptop in less than a week to break cover with an unannounced 14th Gen processor. It comes on the heels of another laptop with a 14th Gen Core i7-14700HX chip making an appearance in Puget Systems' PugetBench benchmark database, which posted an overall score of 842 in the Photoshop test. That system was accompanied by 64GB (2x32GB) of DDR5-4800 RAM and an Arc A570M GPU.

PugetBench listing for an ASUS ROG Strix Scar 16 with a Core i9-14900HX processor.

PugetBench is again the source of the latest Raptor Lake Refresh cameo. According to the database entry, the next-gen ROG Strix Scar 16 sports a Core i9-14900HX flanked by 64GB (2x32GB) of DDR5-5600 RAM and a GeForce RTX 4090 graphics chip. So it's a burlier configuration with faster specifications all around (CPU, GPU, and RAM). It was tested in DaVinci Resolve and posted an overall score of 2,240.

Unfortunately, the listing is not too revealing with regards to the makeup of the upcoming CPU. All it spells out is the model name, leaving out details like core counts, clock speeds, cache, and other vitals. That said, it's quite possible that we're looking at an amped up Core i9-13900HX, which is a 24-core/32-thread processor with 8 P-cores and 16 E-cores, and 36MB of L3 cache.

If that's the case, it will be interesting to see where the clocks land on the Core i9-14900HX. The Core i9-13900HX tops out at 5.4GHz, while the Core i9-13980HX redlines a little higher at 5.6GHz via Thermal Velocity Boost. It's conceivable that the Core i9-14900HX will at least match the clocks of the Core i9-13980HX, and perhaps exceed it by a little bit. It really just depends on what Intel can extract from its binning and whether or not it plans to release a Core i9-14980HX as well.

Either way, it's safe to assume that Raptor Lake Refresh is headed to laptops in the near future.