ASUS EAX1800XT Announcement

ASUS EAX1800XT Comes with Rich Features and Hottest Games for Enthusiasts and Hardcore Gamers

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Taipei, Taiwan; October 31, 2005 – ASUS Computer International, a leading provider of graphics solutions, today introduced the EAX1800XT graphics card, which incorporated the powerful ATI Radeon X1800XT VPU (video processing unit) to provide robust video performance for the enthusiast and 3D gamer segments. To offer a complete visual and gaming experience, the EAX1800XT not only came equipped with innovative applications that enabled users to record gaming actions and share them over the Internet, but also bundled the ASUS Xite game pad and latest games.

The new EAX1800XT supports advanced visual technology standards, including Shader Model 3.0, High Dynamic Rendering (HDR), and ultra high resolution LCD up to 2560 x 1600.

In additional to industry-leading specifications, the graphics cards also incorporated exclusive innovations found only on ASUS graphics solutions.

ASUS GameReplay: Practice makes perfect, and that holds true in gaming as well. For popular LAN (local area network) party team games such as Counter Strike and Unreal Tournaments, strategy is the key to victory. GameReplay records gaming action into MPEG4 video files so that teams can review all the moves and tactics to improve for the next tournament. The recorded files can also be used as screen savers or posted on blogs.

GameLiveShow: Just like people who share their lives and thoughts on blogs, expert gamers often want to show off their perfectly executed strategies and five-hit combinations. GameLiveShow is created to allow gamers to stream broadcast their gaming experiences live over the Internet. Other players can now go online to check out how the experts really do it.

GameFace Messenger: It is a user-friendly interface similar to those of the most popular messenger services to streamline the process of inviting multiple players to a gameferences (game conferences). Simply register, log on and start the fun. GameFace Messenger is as easy as the free messengers currently in the market.

Splendid Video Intelligence Technology: Built into the driver of ASUS graphics cards, Splendid detects activation and usage of video applications and automatically optimizes image quality for the best visual results. Splendid further provides five modes for best visual results in different video applications (Standard, Game, Theater, Scenery and Night)

The EAX1800XT/2DHTV/512M is now available worldwide. For more information, please visit the company homepage at


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