Asus C90S Whitebook Evaluation

When it comes to mobile computing, a major detractor for many enthusiasts is their limited ability to upgrade components.  Typically, the hard drive and memory are readily accessible in most notebooks, but when it comes to graphics and other components, often times you are locked into the manufacturer's factory configuration or have to jump through hoops just to gain access to certain parts, let alone upgrade them.  This can be a major strike against mobile computing, as many users prefer the upgrade potential of a desktop PC, knowing that their investment can be easily updated in the future if the need arises.  Some user upgradeable options have begun to appear in the mobile space, however, like the product we'll be showcasing today at HotHardware, the ASUS C90S Whitebook.  Click the link below and check it out...

Asus C90S User-Upgradeable Notebook
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