Asus' Bamboo Eco Book: Don't Let a Panda Near It

Manufacturers are exploring new ways to make laptops and PCs eco-friendly, and Asus has unveiled a prototype that a panda might salivate over: the bamboo-encased Asus Eco Book laptop.

Apple Inc and other computer makers went on to make advanced PCs in metal and plastic casings, but now Taiwan's Asustek Computer Inc (2357.TW: Quote, Profile, Research) is finding potential beauty -- and sales -- in an eco-friendly notebook PC encased in another natural material: bamboo.

The Asus Eco Book, as it's dubbed, has a case made of laminated bamboo strips available in different shades.

Harvesting bamboo, an abundant, flexible, durable and fast-growing grass, is unlikely to harm the environment as processing wood from trees might, Asustek said, although glues and laminates for shaping and fortifying the material sometimes contain toxins.

I'd hate to see what an overheating Sony laptop battery would do to it, though.

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