Asus Announces VENTO Foldable Computer Chassis

Ever have the need to pack up your computer for that roadtrip back to college but there's just no more room left in that '72 AMC Gremlin of yours?   Or perhaps you're a small PC reseller with serious space constraints in your inventory warehouse area?  Asus has your back it apparently with the what has to be the world's first "foldable" PC case...

So Easy, So Quick – Introducing the ASUS VENTO TA-F Foldable Chassis

Compact Foldable Design Provides Over 30% Savings on Storage and Transportation

Taipei, Taiwan, October 31, 2008 – The ASUS VENTO TA-F Series chassis incorporates space-saving design, user-friendliness and maximized airflow system catered for daily computing. By designing a foldable chassis, ASUS has made the TA-F Series easy to carry and transport, providing both experienced users and beginners of the DIY scene with a tools-free design for quick and easy installation. Furthermore, the TA-F Series chassis offers two options for users to choose from, with the TA-F11 in sophisticated black and the TA-F21 in stylish silver.

So Easy – Ultra Portability and Space Saving Design
One of the unique features of the TA-F Series is its foldable design. With a fully folded dimension of 434 x 87 x 434 mm, vendors and dealers can potentially save storage and transportation costs by more than 30% with its space-saving design. This also allows DIY enthusiasts to carry the chassis back home or to the office without having to contend with the conventional bulk of a normal chassis. Once the user arrives back home or at the office, the TA-F Series can be expanded quickly to use and also be kept away by simply folding it flat.



So Quick – User Friendly Design
The tour de force of the TA-F Series foldable chassis lies in its user-friendly design. Conveniently spaced USB ports located in front of the chassis allows users to connect their devices without interfering with each other. Inside, users can find safe folded edges to prevent injury during installation. The TA-F Series chassis calls for a tools-free set-up, featuring screw-less ODD, FDD, HDD holders providing users with easy installation for all hardware drives, with screw eyelet indicators directing users for effortless motherboard orientation. Moreover, the addition of a 5.25" rack that is convertible into a 3.5" version can be used to install card readers and FDDs (Floppy Disk Drives), providing users with greater expandability options...

Chassis ATX/Micro-ATX SGCC 0.6MM
Chassis Size 190 x 426 x 469mm (expanded)
434 x 87 x 434mm (folded)
Drive Bay 4 x internal 5.25" Optical Drive Bays
1 x internal 3.5" Floppy Drive Bays
4 x internal 3.5" Hard Disk Drive Bays
Front I/O Ports USB x 2
Audio x 2
1394 x 1 (optional)
Expansion Slots PCI x 7
Ventilation Front 120/92/80mm fan x 1
Rear 120/92/80mm fan x 1
Side 80mm fan x 1 (optional)


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