Asus 975x Workstation Mobo Review

The folks at Anandtech are taking a look at a new flagship-level workstation motherboard from ASUS. Based upon Intel's new 975x chipset and boasting features such as Crossfire AND SLI support (with the appropriate driver), this could very well become the workstation board of choice for those looking for an Intel-based workstation motherboard.

We have to give Asus credit for bringing an Intel based workstation board to market at this time, considering the performance advantages that AMD holds in this area currently. The Intel 975X chipset is on a level playing field in performance with the NVIDIA nForce4 Intel Edition SLI in most areas based upon our current testing. The NVIDIA platform is still the preferred choice for gaming if you are interested in SLI capability. However, once ATI launches their X1800 CrossFire Edition solution, then the Intel 975X based boards will deserve a second look for those needing multi-GPU capabilities. Or, if our idea of sanctioning SLI on the Intel 975X platform comes as a revelation to NVIDIA, then we can have the best of both worlds.