ASUS 6800GT SLI, Beginners Guides: Linux Part 2, and more!

Hey folks, it's that time again. Before getting to the news, I'd like to direct you to Marco's review of the ATI All-In-Wonder X800 XT, which combines the power of the Radeon X800 XT, with the media capabilities of the All-In-Wonder series. Enjoy the rest :)

Ultra Products XL PC3200 Low Latency Memory @ SystemCooling

"Today we're going to look at one such manufacturer, Ultra Products that has just released their new low latency PC3200 ram into the market place. And they are doing it with a little twist, Ultra Products has specified speeds and timings for their PC3200 XL ram up to PC4200 speeds."

ASUS 6800GT SLi @ t-break

"One of the problems we initially faced with SLI was the usage of a 400W PSU to power the entire setup- this was just not cutting it and the lack of availability of a better PSU in the local market had our hands tied. Luckily, we managed to aquire a Enermax 600W PSU and that, along with nVidia releasing the new WHQL passed 71.84 drivers a couple of weeks back, made us decide to re-visit the technology."

Beginners Guides: Linux Part 2: Installing a PC @ PCstats

"For the second installment of this PCstats guide, we're looking at something a little more permanent. We're going to take one of the most popular and easy to use free Linux distributions, SUSE Personal 9.1 and explore the process of installing Linux onto your hard drive as a full operating system."

Building A Silent Server/HTPC @ OCModShop

"Servers typically very noisy on an enterprise level but we're not building an enterprise server. For a home server that the typical power user would build it is not that difficult to keep it quiet. For this reason I am going to focus on building this computer to be silent, or at least as quiet as possible."

Inside your PSU @ Dan's Data

"Essentially, though, the latest 550 watt EPS12V PSUs are very similar to the old units. They're cheaper, they're less temperamental, they emit less radio noise and some of them are a lot prettier, but they get the job done in basically the same way."

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