Aston Martin DBX707 With 193 MPH Top Speed Gets A Swank Interior Makeover

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Aston Martin has released a refreshed version of its DBX707 ultra-luxury performance SUV. Much of the go-fast hardware and sexy exterior remain the same—this time it's the tech stuff on the inside that has gotten a much-needed rethink. No word on the price of entry though, but at this price bracket, buyers aren't likely to care.

Aston Martin's DBX707 has always been quite the looker on the outside, but reviewers and owners alike haven't warmed to the interior as much. While the DBX707 retains physical buttons for much of its controls (compared to its rivals—Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT and Ferrari Purosangue, we're looking at you), much of the knobbly bits were either ergonomically dubious or dated right out of the box. Chief culprits were the gear selector buttons plus the central 10.3-inch display, which wasn't a touchscreen and was instead controlled by Mercedes' quaint rotary controller and touchpad. 

Aston Martin DBX707 9
New central touchscreen.

Now, the display is a proper touchscreen featuring Aston's own UI running wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay even if the screen looks somewhat out of place against the vertical dash swoop behind it. Drivers select gears with a small gear shifter—still not ergonomically ideal, but arguably better than individual buttons. There's a new steering wheel with a smaller boss that sits in front of a redesigned 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster binnacle.

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Within the three trim levels offered for the DBX707—namely Inspire Sport, Inspire Sport, and Q creations—customers get a standard 800W, 14-speaker audio system. Since we're here, however, why not fork up more for the 23-speaker, 1,600W Bowers & Wilkins upgrade?

Outside, the only real changes are side mirrors with flush glass, power door handles that sit flush when not being used, and five more colorways to choose from including Epsilon Black, Helios Yellow, Sprint Green, Malachite Green, and Aura Green.

Thankfully, the same glorious motor that rushes the SUV to 60mph in 3.1 seconds and a max velocity of 193 mph hasn't changed. Not that it needed to be swapped out. It produces 697 hp and 664 lb-ft mated to a nine-speed wet clutch automatic. Delivering all that power to the road is an all-wheel drive system that can send full torque to the rear wheels. 

The haloed car-builder plans to begin manufacturing the SUV in the second quarter of this year by which customers can expect to receive their cars in the third quarter.