Aston Kutcher Spreads His Lenovo Wings To Work On Future Moto Smartphones

Ashton Kutcher has been a product ambassador for Lenovo for just over two years now; or as his official title says, Product Engineer. In the past, Kutcher has been extremely hyped about helping to develop the Yoga family of Android-powered tablets, and now his area of expertise is expanding to smartphones.

More specifically, we should mention that Kutcher is extolling the benefits of Motorola’s latest range of smartphones.  According to Kutcher, he will be spending much of 2016 in the Moto labs, listening to customer feedback in an effort to help develop future generations of Moto smartphones.

moto ashton

“The mobile phone is stuck. It's locked into a form factor and function that is not fully respectful of the relationship with the consumers,” said Kutcher. “There have been outstanding improvements in smartphone capability over the last several years, but the innovation is starting to feel similar to TV (just another screen) where the only major improvement is price.”

Kutcher (of course) believes that Motorola is up to the task of truly advancing the smartphone, and posted a handful of videos that show what the Lenovo-backed company is capable of achieving. Not surprisingly, the first video on deck is of the Droid Turbo 2 (check out the HotHardware review here), which is famous for its shatterproof display and its ability to survive pretty much any type of fall that a typical consumer might put the device through during the course of its lifespan.

The other two vides aren’t nearly as hard hitting and include hands-free voice activation tests and quick charging tests pitting a Moto X Pure Edition versus a Samsung Galaxy S6 (I don’t think we need to to tell you which phone won that test).

If you have the time, give videos a shot. You can at least tell that Kutcher is really passionate about his gig and is more than just a pretty face hawking products.