Asetek Vapochill Lightspeed, Keeping the Prescott Cool, and Other Goodies

Good afternoon, and welcome back HotHardware fans!  There has been a good amount of activity today, so we'll have a sampling of news posted for you shortly, but we also want to let you know about a new feature we've just enabled.  You should now see a new "Submit News" link at the bottom of the "Hot Headline News" section at the top of the page, and in the right margin. Click on "Submit News" and you can now send in links to news stories, or post your own news stories, along with a description. This should be a great tool for getting information that you think is relevant to a much larger audience. Check it out, and let us know what you think!  And now, here's some news...

 Asetek Vapochill Light Speed Review @

"Asetek has been at the top of the PC phase change cooling industry for many years now, and whilst competitors have come and gone, they remain supreme as the only firm who have lasted the distance. The latest fallen competitor, nVENTIV, formerly known as Chip-Con had a very powerful base unit cooler called the Prometeia Mach II. Asetek's Vapochill LS is quite a similar unit, but has a more powerful compressor, comes with an LCD display and aluminium cladding as standard, making it considerably better value than the Mach II."

 Thermaltake Gamma Pad and Steelpad S&S Mousepads @

"Pressing a small button in the top surface of the Gamma Pad causes it to spring to life, glowing in your choice of seven different colours (blue, red, golden, purple, light blue, pink and green), or a mode which cycles through the seven colours while you sit in amazement, presumably. The guys in the office liked to think of this as disco mode - without the mirrorball and flares."

 Zensonic Z710 Wireless Headphones @ HardAvenue:

"Most audio enthusiasts appreciate the private nature of headphones; whilst the audio quality of your average headphones may not be comparable to similarly priced speaker systems, being able to listen to what you want, whenever you want has its advantages. Zensonic, however, plan to introduce "where ever you want" to that list, with their Z710 RF Wireless headphones in review today, which claim a 100m distance capability. Are the Z710's up to scratch? Or better yet, are wireless headphones for you?"

 Keeping Intels Prescott cool and quiet @ Hardwareanalysis:

"Intel's Prescott processor is notorious for its heat production and power consumption, which make it a challenge to keep cool and quiet. We detail how to go about making sure a Prescott PC is running whisper-quiet and cool."

 Antec NeoPower 480 @ Bjorn3D:

"Another trend that is obvious to those of us who follow modding, even if just a little, is the increasing demand for so-called 'modular' PSUs. A modular PSU is one that allows you to connect only the cables that you need for your system, thus reducing clutter and hopefully increasing airflow inside your case. This type of unit allows for instant customization and a great amount of flexibility. At first, modular PSUs were only seen at online retailers that offer custom products and modding supplies. Now, there are several modular PSUs being mass produced, and one of those is the NeoPower 480 from Antec."

That just about does it for this installment!  Check back a little later tonight though, we'll have some more goodness coming your way soon...

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