Apple's notebook market share climbs to 17.6%

That is definitely an impressive percentage, especially when you consider that desktop sales are dropping while notebook sales are rising.  According to NPD, Apple’s U.S. retail notebook market share for June 2007 rose 2.2% from last year's 15.4% mark.
As well as the notebooks are doing, Apple’s overall standing among computer makers is up too.

According to data from research firm IDC, Apple’s continued rise in computer sales puts it in third place overall among all computer makers in the U.S. This is the first time since 1996 that Apple finds itself this high on the list of top selling manufacturers.

Dell took the top spot with HP coming in second place of total unit sales. With Apple taking the number three spot, Gateway and Acer round out the top five.

As good as the notebook numbers are, Apple's overall market share is expanding as well.  Apple now has an overall market share of 5.9%, up 1.1% from last year.  Now if game support was just as good as on Windows (yes, it is getting better), we might seriously consider one.  Is this the "iPod effect" taking over?  What do you readers think?