Apple Watch Series 3 Leak Confirms LTE Connectivity And September Launch Alongside iPhone 8

The lead-up to the launch of the iPhone 8 has been especially fruitful this year. In fact, we would say that the design and feature leaks of upcoming products has been unprecedented thanks in part to Apple’s own HomePod firmware leak. Today, we’re getting further confirmation about the arrival of an Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE.

Venerable Apple insider Mark Gurman first revealed the existence of the LTE Apple Watch earlier this month. The very next day, references to the next generation Apple Watch with LTE were found in the leaked HomePod firmware. Today, CNBC has corroborated those reports, saying that instead of using a traditional nanoSIM like the iPhone, the Apple Watch will instead use a non-removable, embedded SIM (like the iPad Pro).

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As we previously reported, this will allow the third-generation Apple Watch to operate independently from an iPhone. With the current Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watch devices, an iPhone is necessary for internet connectivity and to receive notifications. However, a permanent internet connection would allow runners, for example, to stream music from services like Spotify or Pandora without needing the need to carry an iPhone. It should also enable to the ability to make/receive phone calls sans iPhone.

Given that the current Apple Watch Series 2 has just a 273 mAh or 334 mAh battery (depending on the case size), we sure hope that Apple has found a way to boost battery capacity. Always-on LTE will be punishing on such a small battery, although CNBC confirms that there will be Series 3 models without cellular capabilities for those that value battery life (and a fuller wallet).

The Apple Watch Series 3 is expected to be announced next month with the iPhone 8.

Via:  CNBC
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