Apple Slammed As Tone-Deaf iPad Ad Elicits A Chorus Of Boos From Musicians

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The recent announcement of Apple's latest iPad lineup has happened recently, with significant refreshes to the iPad Pro models. As is custom with such product announcements, various ads touting the latest ware is typical from Apple. Humans often hold art and the tools used to create very closely to their own sense of self, on a personal level. 

That said, the "Crush!" iPad Pro ad that Apple released has rubbed many creatives, such as artists and musicians, the wrong way. In the ad, various creative tools familiar to artists are placed under a hydraulic press. Such hydraulic press videos have been popular on social media for years, crushing everything imaginable for the pure hedonistic glee of watching it happen. 

If one plays devil's advocate, one can even argue the ad itself is successful. It brings attention to the iPad Pro, but it also forces us to question change and where art may head in the future. Is that not art itself? 

There is something different about this Apple ad, however. Apple is a company closely tied to the folklore of the creative user base of consumers. Artists, musicians, video editors, and others have commonly turned to Apple products as a tool for art. It is understandable therefore how they can be upset when the tools of the trade are seemingly crushed to reveal the new iPad

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The idea behind his ad is likely much less threatening than simply using the hydraulic press for mindless destruction. Symbolically, Apple was trying to convey that the thin iPad Pro is as capable as many of those traditional tools for the creation of art. Be that as it may, the ad is generating quite a bit of criticism on social media.

"I can't relate to this video at all. It lacks any respect for creative equipment and mocks the creators," @usaotoday (not to be confused with USA Today) wrote on X/Twitter.

Art itself can stir up emotions and controversy, and point to something embedded deep within the human condition. Humans, especially those who taut themselves as artists, are afraid of what the new AI generation of technology may mean for the existing art that they hold so dear. Therefore, the Apple ad really plays with those emotions in a very direct, and physical way. 

It would have been effective if the video was reversed - and showed how all of those creative tools are still valid and the iPad is another tool to assist with creation.