Apple Loops M1 MacBooks Into Self Service Repair Program With Genuine Parts

Apple Self Service Repair for M1 MacBooks
Apple has announced that it will start to provide genuine Apple parts and tools, as well as manuals - to facilitate customer self-service repairs of its M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops. Starting Tuesday, Aug 23, customers with these slim and powerful laptops in the US will be embraced by the Apple Self Service Repair program. To begin with, more than a dozen common repair types for each MacBook model will be supported.

The Apple Self Service Repair Program started back in April, covering a handful of modern iPhone models. Extending the program to laptops is very welcome, particularly as these bigger devices used to be highly serviceable before designers started copying the seamless and encapsulated construction trend from smartphones.

As the M1 MacBooks self-service repair program goes live tomorrow, a quick visit to the site was fruitless, with only iPhones supported at the time of writing. Nevertheless, Apple asserts that the self-repair process for M1 laptops owners will be pretty similar; read the repair manual for your product, then visit the Apple Self Service Repair Store, and order any necessary parts and tools.

Using this service is only really recommended for “customers who are experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices,” according to Apple’s press release about the program. While the prices of the replacement components and tools are said to be the same as what certified repairers would pay, some of the specialist tools recommended for a good job might have off-putting prices. Thus, Apple will rent out a full specialist tool set for the best results ($49 for one week).

Apple Self Service Repair for M1 MacBooks
Apple Self Service Repair is yet to go live for M1 MacBooks at the time of writing

After checking through the repair manuals, component prices, and tool rental fees, it is understandable if you are put off going down the DIY route. In electronics, mistakes can be very costly. Some replacement parts may be quite fragile before they are installed properly, but it should be an option for the willing. For those who would prefer not to tinker, Apple reminds that it has nearly doubled the number of service locations in the last three years, and eight out of 10 Apple customers in the US are located within 20 minutes of an authorized service provider. On the topic of localities, Apple’s self-service repair program for smartphones hasn’t even stretched beyond the US as of yet. It is promised to roll out, beginning in Europe, later this year.

Apple does not list all the self-repair types that will be available for M1 MacBooks as yet (the info should go live tomorrow). It does mention that the scope of self-service repairs will cover components like the display, top case with battery, and trackpad. Apple’s M2 powered MacBooks are not yet supported by the self-service program, nor are older Intel-based MacBooks.