Apple Recalls Certain Mac And iOS Device Wall Adapters Due To Risk Of Electric Shock

We guess it’s a bad month for power adapters in the world of tech. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced a recall program to replace defective power cords on the first three generations of its Surface Pro tablets due to a fire risk. Now, Apple is joining the fray by recalling certain power adapters that shipped with a number of Mac and iOS devices around the world.

Included in the recall are wall adapters that shipped with Apple notebooks and portable devices, along with the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. And while Microsoft said that it received no reports of injuries related to Surface Pro power adapters, Apple indicates that there were 12 incidents worldwide where customers received an electrical shock from defective, broken two prong power adapters.

According to Apple, the affected AC wall adapters were designed to be used in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Argentina and Brazil and were shipped in a multitude of products from 2003 through 2015.

Apple Recall

For its part, Apple says, “Customer safety is always Apple's top priority, and we have voluntarily decided to exchange affected wall plug adapters with a new, redesigned adapter, free of charge.”

To receive a free replacement power adapter, you must first locate the device serial number of your iPhone, iPod, or Mac to determine if you’re affected by the recall. If your device is a part of the recall program, it is recommended that you visit an Apple Store or an Authorized Apple Service Provider to receive a replacement. If you don’t have an Apple brick and mortar store nearby, you can contact Apple Support directly.

Luckily, customers that purchased devices in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States aren’t affected by this recall.