Apple Patent Application Outlines Wireless Power System With Device Prioritization

This week saw the FCC issue the first ever equipment certification for a wireless power device that operates under Part 15 rules. This short distance wireless power transmission can charge smartphones and other devices without the need for wires. A new patent application has turned up that shows Apple is working on a wireless power system of its own.


There are two Apple patent applications that outline devices it is working on, with one being an adapter with multiple ports for powering devices (either wired or wirelessly). The charging device would power Apple gadgets including watches, tablets, smartphones, and computers.

Apple's patent application shows a device that uses a wireless power transmitter and a wireless power receiver. The transmitter portion of the device would supply dive signals to a coil that produces the wireless power signals. A power receiver would have coils able to grab that power out of the air to charge device.

The charger in the wireless power receiving device would power the battery using a rectified voltage. Apple's transmitter and receiver would also be able to transmit data between the two components if needed, but power reception would be paused when data is being sent.

Apple's patent also shows that the power could be prioritized for specific devices if multiple devices are being charged. This means the user could designate that their iPhone always be charged before a MacBook or Apple Watch. The second Apple patent outlines something more akin to traditional wireless charging with a mat that could be integrated into furniture cars and other devices able to receive power via a wire.

With Energous having gained FCC approval, it certainly sounds as if that product will beat Apple to market. Energous is seemingly positioning its tech more as a standard than a product. The company noted that it would make its ecosystem available for other manufacturers, similar to how W-iFi works with multiple manufacturers all offered tech that works together.