Apple M4 iPad Pro Teardown Reveals A Major Change For DIY Repairs

ipad pro
Apple has recently released its long overdue refresh of the iPad Pro featuring the latest M4 Apple silicon chip. There is another hidden upgrade buried deep within the iPad that has only been revealed by opening up the device itself, however. Consumer repairability of devices has been a debated point recently, and the new iPad Pro has a few benefits in this regard. 

During a teardown by the popular DIY proponent iFixit, the access to the battery was surprisingly improved from previous generations. One of the few user changes possible to the complex internals is the battery itself, so the ability to swap it out down the road is a big benefit. This teardown was done on the larger 13-inch iPad Pro, which has more internal room for organizing the various components in a more accessible fashion. 

On previous generations of iPad, access to the battery proved to be a much more tedious process that involved a substantial amount of time to get to. Now, that repair is considerably easier with the battery being accessible much earlier in the process. While the iPad Pro packs a smaller battery than its predecessor, it has the same 10-hour performance because of the efficiencies achieved with its M4 chip. The 38.99 Wh battery is removable without having to take out the other major components of the iPad itself. 

This saves time in disassembly, as well as when the user goes to put the device back together. It also presents less obstacles and challenges, reducing the risk of damage or improperly done reassemblies. The iPad Pro is still an expert level repair even for a battery swap, since the internals are not as easily accessed as something like a standard PC laptop, for example. 

iFixit shows us the battery

The iPad Pro should enjoy a fairly extended life, due in part to its robust construction and over-the-top hardware configuration with the M4 chip. Utilizing iPadOS, some users argue that this device is far too powerful for that software and would better be paired with the full macOS. This gives the iPad Pro a lot of future potential should Apple choose to spice up the software side and give the iPad more capabilities in that regard. 

We can also marvel at the OLED display within this iPad Pro, which is one of the other major improvements together with the M4 chip. 

Having a long-term repairable device, especially with the easier battery access, will make this a more enduring piece of technology. In the same video, iFixit attempts to open up the Apple Pencil Pro, and fails to do it in a clean way. At least the iPad passes the test - and has some improvements for repairability.