Some OLED iPad Pro Users Are Less Than Impressed With Apple’s Grainy Display

hero apple oled ipad pro grainy display
The OLED iPad Pro launched earlier this week, and there are already complaints from some unfortunate owners who are experiencing a grainy display. Reports are coming in on both the 11-inch and 13-inch models, with one Reddit user confirming they do not have the Nano-texture glass add-on feature.

Apple’s latest iPad Pro lineup comes with new M4 Apple silicon, which is said to be 4x faster at pro rendering performance than its predecessor, the M2 chip. With all that extra performance, Apple fans were hoping they could take full advantage of the Cupertino-based company’s new "Ultra Retina XDR" display that introduces what Apple refers to as “groundbreaking tandem OLED technology.” While most seem happy with the new display, some have been remarking on Reddit and other platforms that their display does not seem quite up to par.

Reddit user Vingdoloras shared a couple of images of their grainy display on an iPad Pro M4 13-inch, without the Nano-texture glass. The picture (see image at top) shows the OLED display with noticeable grain. Vingdoloras remarked that they first noticed the grain inside some menus, and thought it might be relegated to just that. But the Reddit user said “The grain is static in its position. When I scroll a screen, the grain stays in position.”

reddit apple oled ipad pro grainy display
Image of iPad Pro grainy display posted by Reddit user 8enj1.

Other Reddit users were chiming in, stating they were experiencing a similar experience. However, others were saying their OLED screens were just fine. Some have speculated that it could be an issue with either the Samsung or LG supplied screens. Both companies had a hand in the 11-inch models, with LG handling all the 13-inch models.

As of right now, reports seem to be limited to owners without the Nano-texture glass option. Whether this is an indicator of what is going on with the affected displays remains unclear at this point. The Nano-texture glass option is limited to the 1TB and 2TB storage configurations at an additional cost of $100. This could also simply mean that more people have bought the non-Nano-texture options, and that the issue may crop up later, as more of those units are sold.

Vingdoloras did comment that they returned the iPad Pro that was pictured, and the replacement suffered from the same grainy display. They even added that an employee at the store where the device was returned confirmed that even the display unit in-store suffered from the same grainy quality. Is your new iPad suffering from this issue? Let us know in the comments about your grainy gripes.