Apple Issues 7200RPM Hard Drive Fix, New Bluetooth Firmware

People may gripe that a company like Apple gets all sorts of positive publicity simply because its iPod and iPhone products are selling so well, but there's a dark side to rampant fame as well. The bad definitely comes with the good, and a chorus of angry MacBook Pro owners have apparently made themselves heard.

The story goes something like this: folks purchasing new MBPs with the 7200rpm hard drive were hearing all sorts of weird whirring, clicking and popping noises from their drives. Some users even reported screen flashes, freezes and reboots. Needless to say, it was driving the collective mob wild, and Apple finally had no choice but to listen.

Today, the company has officially outed a new Hard Drive Firmware Update 2.0, which "reduces certain infrequent noises made by 7200-rpm drives." The update only affects/helps MacBook Pro units shipped after the June 2009 refresh, and while Apple isn't very forthcoming with details, the 3.71MB file supposedly patches things right up.

In related news, the Cupertino-based outfit also issued a new Bluetooth update, Firmware 2.0.1. Put simply, this update provides bug fixes and better compatibility with the Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard, and it installs on all Mac systems with Broadcom chipsets controlling the BT module.

What are you waiting for? Get that System Update to work, pronto!