iPhone XS, Apple Watch Series 4 Images Leak From Cupertino Ahead Of September 12 Reveal

iphone xs
Apple is always worried about its suppliers leaking images and parts for its upcoming products, but in recent years, many of the most critical leaks have come from within. We saw this last year when nearly every detail/feature concerning the 2017 iPhone X were spoiled by a HomePod firmware leak.

This time around, we're getting our first look at the premium OLED-equipped iPhones that will launch this year. 9to5Mac says that these images/renders are not mockups, and are straight from Apple. And according to the publication, both models will be called the iPhone XS. It appears that Apple is dropping the "+" designation and will just distinguish between the two by their screen size (as it does with the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro), which in this case is 5.8- and 6.5-inches.

We can also see in the leaked image that the Apple will be introducing a new Gold color for the iPhone X, which we're assuming will be in addition the current Silver and Space Gray.

apple watch series 4

As if details on the iPhone XS wasn’t enough, there is also a detailed leaked image/render of the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4. With this image, we can see that the display is now larger (rumors pegged the increase at 15 percent), along with the familiar digital crown and side button.

What's most eye-catching, however, is that there is a new watch face that packs an incredible amount of information on-screen -- in fact, it seems almost like information overload at first glance. 9to5Mac reports that there are no less than 8 complications. It appears that although the body of the Apple Watch Series 4 has changed slightly in comparison to its predecessors, it will still be compatible with the vast ecosystem of first- and third-party watch bands.

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The Apple iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 will be unveiled during a special event at Apple's spaceship campus on September 12th.