Apple Debuts iTunes Social Networking Widgets

It's called social networking iTunes-style.  Today Apple unveiled web widgets designed to facilitate social networking between iTunes users.  It allows customers to share their purchases, reviews, and favorite artists.
Called My iTunes, the service includes three flash-based widgets that use a customers account information to create customized lists of music based on that users purchase history. The widgets can be placed on a user's blog, Web site, or social networking profile.

Three widgets are currently available: the first lists recent purchases; the second shows music that the user has reviewed on iTunes; and the last shows a "tag cloud" of the artists the customer has purchased through the service.
Let me see, when I think about all the stuff like this that has already been hacked - do I really want to expose more info on the Internet?  Even without that, do I want to expose more info anyway?  On the other hand, let's face it, privacy is a thing of the past anyway.  BTW, the service is not enabled by default; it must be enabled in your iTunes account.