Apple AirPods Pro Are 22% Off And Under $200 With This Hot Deal

AirPods Pro
Strap yourself in and get ready for a whirlwind of sales, folks, because we are more than a week into November and barreling towards Black Friday and Cyber Monday. That is when things will get especially frenzied. However, the closer we get to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the more we are seeing early bargains, like the roundup of discounted big screen TVs we highlighted yesterday. And today? You can snag a set of Apple AirPods Pro earbuds for less than $200.

These were a good deal when they fell to $200, and now they are even better buy at $194 on Amazon (save 22 percent). These ship from and are sold by Amazon, rather than a marketplace seller, and you get free one-day shipping if you are a Prime member. This is a good time of the year to consider being one, if you are not already.

Having now used these for several weeks on long walks, I fully recommend them. The big update to the AirPods Pro is active noise cancellation. This is a feature I did not use much on my Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i headphones because I did not care for the pressurized feel when enabling it. Same goes for other headsets I've tried.

I can't say if that is mainly a result of using headphones versus earbuds, but the noise cancelling function on the AirPods Pro has been completely different. I don't get that same pressurized feeling, and the noise cancelling effect works well. Really well, actually. The one thing I'd caution is if you are tend to walk on the side of the road, be careful, because the traffic is largely muted. Sidewalks are best for walking and jogging, of course, but where I live in Tennessee, sidewalks are not always available.

In any event, the noise cancelling capability of the AirPods Pro is fantastic, and the sound quality is really good as well. You also get three sets of tips (small, medium, and large) for a semi-customized fit, and being the Pro variant, it comes with a wireless charging case as well. You can slap the case on a charging mat just like a smartphone (or plug it into an adapter, though one is not included).

One other feature worth mentioning is the ability to pair two sets of AirPods Pro, so you and a friend or significant other can listen to the same playlist when out walking or jogging together. Overall, this is an excellent set of earbuds, and at the lowest price to date.