Apple Adds GeForce 320M And 10-Hour Battery To Revised MacBook

This refresh wasn't rumored to happen nearly as much as the launch of the iPad or the inclusion of Intel's Core 2010 CPU line in Apple's MacBook Pro family, but the oft neglected 13" MacBook has seen its first real update since 2009 this morning. It's still white, and it's still largely plastic, so there's not much of a difference when you look from the outside. But internally there's enough of a change to warrant a second look.

One of the biggest changes is the battery. The previous model had a 7-hour battery; this one can last up to 10 hours before it needs charged again. Then there's the GPU. Unlike prior models, the new MacBook is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce 320M. That's not the most powerful GPU in NVIDIA's barn, but it's not exactly weak, and this machine should have no problems handling YouTube HD and 1080p media clips.

Other specifications include a 250GB hard drive 8x dual-layer SuperDrive (DVD and CD burner), 2GB of DDR3 memory and a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor. Again, not the fastest, and not the most power efficient (an ULV CPU would've been a nice option) but the $999 starting price will still lure a few new Mac buyers in. The same glass multi-touch trackpad is included and it still measures 1.08" while weighing 4.7lbs., and they look to be shipping from most of Apple's global sites starting today.