Apex Legends Round-Up: New Characters, PC Patch Details And The Reality Of A Sequel

crypto banner
Apex Legends fans have a lot going on right now to soak in. This week dragons have turned up in the game that drop loot when shot, but some wondered how you actually kill them and what might happen if you do. A lot more is going in the Apex Legends world right now, including hints at a new Legends for players to enjoy. It wasn't long ago that a new Apex legends character was revealed called Wattson. Just recently, however, dataminers have dug up some details on the next character added to the game and rumors say it will be a character called Crypto. 

Crypto is a character that is believed to have been hiding in plain sight since the game launched. Crypto was also part of the leak in March that tipped Octane and Wattson; the leak was 100% correct on those characters. Crypto is a Korean character with dreadlocks.

apex legends update

He was seen in a banner in the background of an image with Pathfinder. Under Crypto is the Hangul word for Talchuum, which is a Korean dance that uses masks. The dataminers found script line in the code that reads "crypto_laptop_tease" that has coordinates for a location near the Repulsor zone. Speculation is that a massive hack by Crypto might be the finale for Season 02 set to start soon.

A PC Patch And Apex Legends 2?

Along with teases of a new character also comes a PC patch that is focused on networking. The patch makes it easier for PC gamers to select a data center when launching the game. The list of servers for the game will also be sorted by ping and players can tell at a glance what server they have selected with a new orange highlight. Respawn has also upped the rate at which clients send user inputs to servers. Respawn notes that it still has work to do on the code:leaf error. It says that players might see a code:net error instead and that is part of the telemetry it added to try and figure out what is causing the error.

Fans of the game who are already hankering for Apex Legends 2 will be saddened to hear this. Executive producer Drew McCoy said there would "never" be an Apex Legends 2. He says that it takes about a year and a half to make a character and devs have been playing Wattson since early last year. He said that Epic is just hoping Season 2 is awesome at this point.