Apex Legends Will Get An Important Stability Patch Very Soon

Apex Legends is extremely popular at the moment. EA and Respawn Entertainment have hit it out of the park with the game and have been focusing heavily on making it more fair, by handing out permanent hardware bans to PC cheaters and expanding the game with new content. Recent new content included a Legend called Octane, and asset leaks have hinted that the roster will continue to grow with ten new Legends in the works.

apex legends crew

A Respawn community manager called Jayfresh_Respawn on Reddit has offered up an update for PC gamers regarding crashes that have been frustrating some users in the community. The post on Reddit states that in the patch that was launched Tuesday, an improved method of capturing information when the game crashes was included. When the game crashes, a file called apex_crash.txt is saved to the My Documents folder of the PC.

Respawn says that it received many submissions from players of the game, and gathered a ton of additional information from internet searches and the forums. All the submitted crash files have revealed details on "a few crash locations" according to the community manager, noting that one of the more common crash issues appeared to be caused by the game-changing memory management used by one part of the game. Respawn notes that that type of bug is difficult for developers to find without gathering data from a wide range of users.

The text files had so much information about the causes of various crashes that Respawn was able to quickly build a PC stability patch that is live now. The community manager says that when the patch was tested locally, it did improve stability. Players will need to update the client to be able to get the patch, however.

Respawn notes that the current patch isn't an end-all solution for all game crashes and that they are continuing to work on squashing all of the bugs that have been identified, and additional stability patches will land in the future. Respawn also notes that they are seeing crashes relating to out-of-memory issues and they aren't sure yet if this is something caused by the game itself or result from improperly configured PCs.