Apex Legends' New World's Edge Map Shown Off In This Teaser Video

apex legends meltdown
Apex Legends was a latecomer to the battle royale genre, but it has still amassed a ton of players, and fans of the game have been waiting for a new Legend and a new map to enjoy in Season 3. A new launch trailer has debuted that shows some details on the map along with what the new Legend can do. The map is called World's Edge and the new Legend is Crypto.

The map keeps with the "Meltdown" title for the third season, which will launch on October 1st. Season 3 sees the Apex Legends crew heading to Planet Talos from Planet Solace. World's Edge has a section that appears to be lava of some sort with some of the map covered in snow.

The trailer, unfortunately, is cinematic and doesn't offer any gameplay footage. It does indicate that the map has a train that moves around that players can ride and loot. Season 3 "Meltdown" will have an all-new battle pass with new Legendary skins and Apex packs. The devs behind Apex Legends have angered fans over the last two months. The blatant money grab that EA attempted for cosmetics during the Iron Crown event drew lots of complaints.

It remains to be seen precisely how EA will handle the microtransactions that Apex Legends is infamous for with the launch of Season 3. A new map should help draw fans of the game back who were beginning to lose interest with the existing maps.