Apex Legends Gamers Rail Against EA For Cosmetics Price Gouging

Apex legends
Apex Legends fans are not happy with EA and Respawn Entertainment thanks to high prices for that the loot being doled out in the current Iron Crown event. The problem that gamers have is in how Apex Legends has priced the items and how they are handed out. 

It costs players about 700 Apex Coins to open each Iron Crown pack, which is about $7 in real-world cash. There are 24 Iron Crown packs in total, and only two can be earned via gameplay. That means for players who want to unlock all the loot available for the week Iron Crown runs, it will cost about 15,400 Apex Coins or about $154.

iron crown skin

Even if gamers don't want to unlock all the cosmetics, they still have to deal with loot boxes and a chance at getting the cosmetics they want, meaning the player could spend significant money before the desired skin is unlocked. EA is among the game publishers that have promised to disclose loot box odds; as it stands now gamers have no idea what the odds of getting the cosmetic items they want in loot boxes are.

iron crown loot

The big thing that Apex Legends players fear is if gamers step up and spend obscene amounts of money, EA and Respawn could pushes prices even higher for the next in-game event will have the same mechanics and prices will go up for game loot. Players say they would spend $7 per skin to get the exact skins they want, but the way EA and Respawn have it set up in the Iron Crown event it costs them $7 for a chance to win the items they want. The loot box mechanic for the items in this event is seen as the biggest money grab by EA and Respawn in the history of the game.