Apex Legends Straight Up Murders Forge Before He Enters The Game


It has been a while since we talked about Apex Legends and its developer Respawn Entertainment. It appears that Respawn has just trolled the fanbase of Apex Legends by announcing the next Legend as a character named Forge. The video introduces Forge, who is supposed to be a champion MMA fighter with a robotic arm.

The introduction video has Forge sitting, talking with a newscaster in a live interview. As he brags on the support from his team and how well he will do in the Apex Games if the other players bring things up close and personal, the lights in the studio flicker. As the host apologizes to those watching for technical difficulties, the lights come back on, and a robot is standing behind Forge.

As we see the woman's face turn to an expression of shock, the robot standing behind Forge appears to stab him in the back. We hear Forge scream, and blood splashes the newscaster's face, and then the signal goes out. It appears that the entire introduction and teasing of Forge as the next character in Apex Legends was one big troll. The speculation is that the new character will be the robot and that the bot is the long-rumored Revenant.

Revenant has been leaked since last October, and while there has been no formal introduction, many assume this to be the case. As for some thinking that Forge will live past the attack during the interview, his picture is grayed out on the Apex Legends Season 4 website. The name reads "RIP Jimmie 'Forge' McCormick." The tongue in cheek epitaph says, "Never defeated (except that one time)." Apex Legends season 4 starts February 4, and the world should know if the murderous robot is Revenant and if the bot is added to the game then.

The last Legend added to the game was Crypto unveiled in the Season 3 launch trailer.