Apex Legends Battle Pass Rumored For March 12th Launch, Octane Hero Incoming

Apex Legends New heros leak
Apex Legends has been a dominant force in the gaming scene ever since it launched in early February, quickly amassing 50 million players in just a month (far outpacing the performance of the current battle royale champion, Fortnite). With that being said, gamers are looking for the "Next Big Thing" with Apex Legends, and according to new report, Respawn Entertainment is ready to deliver.

The first bit of news is the report that the game's first Battle Pass is expected to drop next week; March 12th to be exact. At this point, it's unknown what that battle pass will entail, or how long it will last. And more importantly, we have no clue how much it will cost at this time.

“The Battle pass will not be purchasable with coins, and will be a static item in the shop,” said a credible source in a statement to Daily eSports

octane apex legends
Alleged Octane original artwork

But the battle pass isn't the only thing that Apex Legends players have to look forward to. There is also a new hero incoming named Octane. We first heard about Octane when references to the hero were discovered in the game's code back in mid-February. Octane will allegedly have a "Stimpack" ability which enhances a player’s ability to recover health and gives a speed boost.

According to Daily eSports'source, Octane will be a central figure in promotional materials for the battle pass, and it's possible that the two will be available simultaneously.

Apex Legend's surprise popularity and credible challenge to the long-dominant Fortnite was enough to turn around publisher Electronic Arts' fortunes. In early February, EA announced that it missed revenue expectations, which sent the stock tumbling by around 15 percent to $80/share.

However, once it was early active players numbers started rolling in for Apex Legends, EA stock surged 16 percent to $97. The stock is currently hovering around the $96 mark.