AOL Wants A Slice Of The Online Film Distribution Market

As Yahoo! News reports, AOL is fully commited to continuing the drastic changes that are being made to its service. The latest change for AOL is their decision to jump into the online film distribution market, as they are announcing plans to start selling movies and TV shows through their service. Movies will likley retail from $9.99 to $19.99, while shows will be available for $1.99, or will be offered free with advertisements included.

"Conroy said AOL's decision to charge for some programs is consistent with its desire to offer users choice - download-to-own offerings alongside free, ad-supported items. He said AOL is becoming one of the few places where users can get a range of movies, television shows and music videos; many of its rivals focus on one or the other. Rob Enderle, an industry analyst with the Enderle Group, said that while Apple got a head start with iTunes, AOL still has millions of subscribers connecting through its proprietary software - a base the company could try to persuade to buy movies."