Antisec Leaks Over A Million iOS Device UDIDs in FBI Laptop Hack

The hacking group known as Antisec (Anti Security Movement), which has ties to LulzSec and Anonymous, claims that its latest data dump contains over a million Apple device identifiers that were stolen from an FBI laptop back in March. According to Antisec, federal agents were using the Unique Identifiers (UDIDs) to track Apple iOS users, and the data posted to Pastebin represents only a portion of the more than 12 million IDs that were contained in a file on the FBI's notebook.

"We decided we'd help out Internet security by auditing FBI first," Antisec said in a long winded and foul language rant. "We all know by now they make Internet insecure on purpose to help their bottom line. But it's a s____y job, especially since they decided to hunt us down and jail our friends."

iPhone 4S Antisec

The notebook is question is a Dell Vostro laptop owned by Supervisor Sepecial Agent Christopher K. Stangl from the FBI Regional Cyber Action Team and New York FBI Office Evidence Response Team. It's not clear how the FBI came into possession of all these UDIDs or what they were being used for, though one scenario -- and a likely one -- is that the ID numbers came from a developer collecting information for an app.

Antisec said it trimmed out personal details, such as full names, cell phone numbers, addresses, and other information that was also contained in the breached file.