Antec Minuet II, ECS KN1 EXTREME SLI, Broadband Security and More!

Evercool H.D.D Air Condition @

"The Evercool HDAC is a very straight forward hard drive cooler that mounts in an open 5.25" drive bay. The aluminum body is solid and does a good job drawing heat out of the hard drive and the turbine fan performs very well and nearly silent at lower RPMs. In a tightly packed case or one with no front fans, this hard drive cooler can really help keep the hard drive with all your precious data nice and cool. This will extend the life of the drive and help prevent an early failure."

Broadband Security part deux: So, how DO I get secure? @ OCModshop:

"The first thing you need to do is log into your router. For my examples, I will be using a LINKSYS router, which is one of the most popular brands today. LINKSYS routers come with a software package to help you get them setup. Because of this, often people do not know what IP address their IP address is or, more importantly, the IP address of their router. There is a simple way to get his information. I most windows operating systems, you can open a command prompt window and type the command "ipconfig" to get the information you need."

ECS KN1 EXTREME SLI 1.0a Motherboard Review @ Futurelooks:

"Extreme! Hardcore! Awesome! That's the kind of thinking ECS wants when you mention their name now, and now they've released the KN1 SLI for the elite (a.k.a. those who can afford to buy two top of the line video cards). So come and check out what we thought of it! "

Antec Minuet II Micro ATX Case @

"Today I have for review the Minuet II from Antec, like all Antec cases it is well designed and refined in nature, not very flashy, but not dull either in any way. When I got the Minuet II, I looked at it and said this might make a great Home Theater PC case, its small size is great, and it looks very sophisticated. A while ago I did a review of the Silverstone Lascala series HTPC cases, and being a full ATX case it was rather large for an HTPC, but functional and good looking nonetheless. I wanted something smaller from my HTPC, and I think the Minuet II will fit the bill very nicely. Let's check it out shall we?"