Craft Your Way To Financial Success With These Animal Crossing DIY Recipes

nook bros
There is no shortage of ways to make some quick bank in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo Switch. In fact, there are so many different ways, it starts to beg the question, "What do we do with all these bells?" The game has an incredible library of collectible items, but some of the most rare items only come around at certain times of the year, or have very rare DIY recipes to find. Getting those items may otherwise be hopeless until sometime next year, if not for the game's online capabilities. 

Wheeling And Dealing At Nookazon

Enterprising gamers always find a way, though. Earlier this year, the Animal Crossing community created several tools to get the most bells out of the Stalk Market, which we've covered before. When it comes to those rare or limited-time items, there's Nookazon. This online marketplace is more like the flea market than its Amazon-inspired namesake. Players can list items they no longer want and sell them in auction, for offers, or as trades for other items on a wish list. To make the exchange, they'll fly to each others' islands and make the swaps. 

animal crossing art nookazon
A selection of art available on Nookazon right now.

To get started with Nookazon, just hit the website and create an account. Not only does the site deal in trading goods, players can also use it to find where NPCs like Celeste, Sahara, and Redd are visiting, and buy an invitation. Nookazon also deals in DIY recipes, K.K. Slider songs, fruits, and even island tours. The most fascinating category of "items" for sale is villagers, where one of them has decided to pack up and move from an island and the host sells another player an opportunity to come to their island to convince the villager to move to the new player's island. 

What Crafty Items Really Bring All The Bells To The Yard?

While some of these things, particularly NPC visits and villagers, are luck of the draw, there are some items that represent an opportunity at a huge return on investment. There are a very few items that are truly game-changers in terms of the Bells they can net via Nookazon, if you can find a buyer. The folks at CashNetUSA did a study on what brings all the bells to the yard, and it's interesting to say the least.

Some of the items are just a bad idea. For example, the very top item is a Flimsy Net, which can net over a 12,000% return, but you have to consider three things. Anybody can craft one, the materials to make a Flimsy Net are literally growing on trees (sticks), and desperate folks with no tools can buy one from the Nook brothers for 800 bells. So if you can find a buyer, they're not going for much. We'd skip this one, for sure, but other high-margin items might be more worth the effort.

five star
Everyone wants a five-star island resort, and Nookazon can help.

On the other hand, if you have duplicate pieces of art, extra seasonal items, or spare K.K. Slider songs, you can make a killing on Nookazon. Redd sells pieces of art for 4,890 bells a pop. While many of those masterpieces are counterfeit, even fake art can bring in a pretty penny in an online marketplace. Right this very moment, statues and genuine pieces of art are going for millions of bells. Even the fakes are fetching a couple hundred thousand, and they're still good to hang around the island for visitors and villagers to visit and admire. 

All of this extracurricular activity outside of Animal Crossing: New Horizons illustrates the incredible timeliness of the latest entry in Nintendo's franchise. The game came along at just the right time during the global COVID-19 pandemic to be a suitable substitute for human interaction for millions of people worldwide, even dating. Are you decorating your island and hosting company? Let us know in the comments.