AmigaOS 4.0 Released

This probably won't affect many of you, but its interesting news nonetheless (especially for nostalgic older geeks like me).  Hyperion Entertainment has released the final build of AmigaOS 4.0.

"Originally released in May of 2004, Amiga OS 4.0 is the most stable, modern and feature-rich incarnation to date of the multi-media centric operating system launched by Commodore Business Machines (CBM) in 1985 with which it still retains a high degree of compatibility. Amiga OS 4.0, The Final Update is the culmination of 5 years of development and takes the form of a stand-alone ISO image which contains a full installation of all Amiga OS 4.0 components."

Unfortunately, there is no modern hardware available to properly support the OS.  According to Hyperion Entertainment though, PowerPC hardware suitable for operation with Amiga OS 4.0 will be announced by third parties early next year.

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