Amiga Emulation Guide, Plasma Displays: An Overview, and more!

We're back folks, and it's time for a news roundup. We've been pretty busy this weekend, well, not so much for me... it's hard to consider a weekend long 21st birthday celebration as being busy. But now it's Sunday night, the suds are gone, and I've sobered up enough to deliver you the news. Let's get to it...

Plasma Displays: An Overview @ CoolTechZone

"Since the day television was invented, TV technology has certainly been refined quite a bit, but the core concept has remained the same. Even today most of the televisions are built on the age old Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) technology which no doubt has been modified to make bigger, better screens to give a larger crisper picture and subsequently, a much better viewing experience."

Amiga Emulation Guide @ TweakGuides

"Here's something different you might like to check out. The Amiga 500 was a great entry point into computing in the late 80's for people like me who couldn't justify the cost of a "serious" PC. The Amiga 500, much like the Commodore 64 before it, was the platform of choice for budding programmers and enthusiasts, and this Amiga Emulation Guide is my homage to the mighty Amiga 500."

Mushkin Heatsink Preview @ Viperlair

"The thing that makes this quite different from the usual Mushkin design is the circular holes along the top, which should aid in airflow, assuming you have some form of airflow going across the ram area. BTX design will most likely make more of an effect here. The holes appear to align with the actual ram chips themselves, so that air can reach down the sides of the chips."

LG GSA-4167B Internal Super Multi DVD Writer @ Hardware Zone

"LG DVD writers have always been the drive to get for those who are uninterested in getting tangled with the various optical media formats of today. With the new GSA-4167B, LG has yet another all-rounder DVD writer to satisfy your storage needs."

Akasa EVO 120 Review @ nVnews

"The EVO 120 is easy to install if you have the space in your PC and are still using your stock cooler. In a world where every degree counts for increasing the lifespan of your CPU, it delivers cooler temperatures across the board (no pun intended). The L shape is quite unique, and the unit is very attractive."

ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe WiFi-TV (Intel 945P Express) @ Hardware Zone

"With a plethora of features, the ASUS P5LD2 Deluxe is more than a motherboard, it is the core of your next entertainment system, but little would you have suspected that this i945P Express board packs some serious performance too."

Silverstone SST-TJ05 @ Overclockers Online

"In the end, SilverStone has managed to engineer another fine looking case. Sure it's partly made out of steel, but that's because the case's aluminum front is very end heavy."