AMD's new AM2 Socket

The Inquirer is reporting that AMD's Socket 939 replacement which has been referred to as "Socket M2" for nearly a year is now being renamed to "Socket AM2". Armed with 940 pins (no, it is NOT compatible with current 940-pin CPU's and motherboards) this new socket will help usher in AMD's new crop of next-generation CPU cores and the introduction of DDR-II memory to the platform.

However, the name of new Socket won't be known as "Socket 940 Second Coming" or long-time mentioned "Socket M2", which resided in every roadmap of AMD CPU's for next year. New name is Socket AM2, and we have learned that AMD will introduce not just new models, but will release Socket AM2 versions of egzisting CPU's as well. We have come into a possesion of a roadmap which contains products that are part of AM2 ramp-up. New Socket AM2 is being occupied by three cores: Manilla, Orelans and Windsor. Manilla is the codename for new Sempr0ns, Orleans is the name for single-core AM2 offerings, while cream of the crop, dual-cores will come under the Windsor name.
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