AMD-ATI Yokohama Notebook Platform

DigiTimes reports that the new AMD-ATI conglomerate is poised to launch a new notebook platform in Q4 2006 which will be aimed directly at Intel's Napa refresh platform. Dubbed "Yokohama", the new platform will take advantage of ATI's upcoming RS690M, RS690DC, and RS790M chipsets as well as utilize AMD's latest Turion64 X2 processors. Much like Intel's Centrino platform, AMD will likely work with major networking vendors such as Broadcom and Atheros to ensure the platform will also have a solid WLAN component as well. With a complete notebook platform coming out the doors of AMD, NVIDIA will surely have their work cut out for them should they wish to retain market share within the AMD notebook market.

According to market research firm JPR, ATI held 63.1% of the world's market of discrete notebook GPUs in the second quarter of this year. ATI's share of the overall market of graphics solutions, including integrated chipsets, was 31% in the second quarter, behind Intel's 54.9% but above Nvidia's 10.9%.