AMD Will Skip Two 65nm Phenom Chips Altogether

According to Digitimes, AMD isn't going to bother releasing two 65 nanometer scale dual core chips they had in the development pipeline.

AMD originally planned to launch two 65nm dual-core Phenom processors codenamed Kuma for the desktop PC market in May or June this year, however the company has recently suspended the plans and will let its Athlon X2 5600B processor cover the market until the company enters 45nm production, according to sources at motherboard makers.

AMD realizes they must get down to the 45nm scale architecture to effectively compete with Intel, whose 45nm Penryns have been out for a while now. Releasing more 65nm chips would be playing musical chairs with more contestants and fewer chairs. AMD's 45nm Deneb processors have already been demonstrated, and  AMD will concentrate on getting them to market this year.
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