AMD vs. Intel, Will the Best CPU Please Stand Up?

It's that time again. The ongoing "AMD vs. Intel" battle is gearing up, and as usual, there's no telling which way it will go. For some time now, AMD has been the processor of choice among enthusiasts, and that's unlikely to be challenged until Intel's 'Conroe' processor is up and about.

"Age has mellowed my thirst for speed, and my upgrade schedule has slowed to a yearly pace, but that doesn't mean I'm settling for any less. To fit into this leisurely schedule I've had to focus a bit more on evolving technologies, and do my best to avoid the lemons and technological evolutionary branches which aren't going anywhere... say for example ATI's Crossfire. Once again it's time to get into the boxing ring for another battle of AMD vs. Intel! I want the best performance for my hard earned cash, so I choose the fastest available hardware without really considering who manufacturers the parts... after all, does it really matter who makes the fastest CPU?"


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