AMD Ryzen AM4 X370 Motherboards From ASUS, Biostar And Gigabyte Leaked

If you're finding that your excitement level is Ryzen, then you've clearly been reading the many rumors swirling around the highly anticipated processor family right here at HotHardware. While it's largely expected that AMD will be releasing its first chips soon, that sure doesn't mean that the rumormill is going to be taking a break over the next few weeks.

Earlier, Paul wrote in depth about Ryzen's die shot and cache structure, which came hot on the heels of a week full of other juicy information. That includes a hint of AMD undercutting Intel's just-launched Kaby Lake processors, word of a huge launch event next week, and not to mention outstanding performance of the Ryzen 7 1700X chip when compared to Intel's latest and greatest mainstream offerings.



As the shots above allude to, we're now getting a preview of some of the X370 motherboards we can expect to see at launch. As you'd expect, vendors like ASUS, GIGABYTE, and so forth are going to offer many different models, with a slew of models expected to cost between $100 to $150, and budget entries falling under the $100 price point.

If you've looked at any vendor's Intel Z270 boards, many of these are going to look familiar. This will mark the first AMD launch for GIGABYTE that includes its Aorus brand, and while they look kind of similar, ASUS has swapped out the Strix name for Prime here, although there will also be a higher-end Crosshair model available as well.

With Ryzen shaping up to deliver huge performance at a competitive price, the next couple of weeks are going to prove very interesting, and perhaps even critical for the success of AMD's 2017.