AMD Gains Market Share, But Study Shows Intel Still #1

DigiTimes is reporting on an independant study that lists the top 25 semiconductor suppliers in the world today.  Intel sits comfortably on top, with a 14% increase over last year's revenues.  AMD has certainly enjoyed some growth as well, moving from 11th place in 2004 up to 9th in 2005, a growth rate just shy of 12%.  It's also interesting to see who ranks in the top 25 overall.  

Intel is expected to solidify its position as the world's leading semiconductor supplier this year, posting the highest revenue growth among the top 10 chipmakers for the year, according to a preliminary ranking from iSuppli. Much attention has been focused on the market share gains that Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) of the United States has made in the PC microprocessor market at the expense of Intel. However, Intel's overall semiconductor revenue growth actually is expected to surpass AMD's projected rise of 11.8% this year, said Dale Ford, vice president, market intelligence for iSuppli.


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