AMD DTX Small Form Factor System Sneak Peek

When AMD first revealed their plans for the DTX open industry standard, the intent of that early briefing was to explain AMD’s vision for interoperable small form factor systems. As it stands today, most SFF systems from large companies like Dell and HP are proprietary designs. On the do-it-yourself front, we’ve got form factors like Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX and SFF barebones systems from major players like Shuttle, Asus and MSI.  However, for the most part you can’t take parts from one company’s SFF design and use it in another’s.  Today AMD provided more details and a specific design example of the DTX small form-factor standard. 

This HotHardware article showcases a prototype system built on a low power AMD Athlon 64 BE-2350 processor and 690G chipset motherboard with integrated graphics.