AMD Built A Fantastic Halo Infinite-Themed Radeon RX 6900 XT And Is Giving Some Away

Halo Infinite Radeon RX 6900 XT
Halo launches have never been a stranger to special edition gear coming along for the ride to make the experience as exciting as possible. Halo Infinite is finally coming our way on December 8 and AMD Radeon is extending the special edition treatment to us PC gamers for a change. We're talking a super limited edition version of the Radeon RX 6900 XT themed after the legendary Master Chief himself, Petty Officer John 117.

If you're hoping to get a chance to buy one of these then you're out of luck, because they won't be for sale. However, AMD instead has opted to make this a giveaway only affair! We find that to be quite cool. This move should make them much more likely to land in the hands of gamers, rather than bots and their scalper overlords.

From a design standpoint, this is Halo through and through. The Radeon RX 6900 XT is may still be wrapped in the reference cooler, but it certainly doesn't look stock. AMD has dropped the classic black, red, and silver theme in favor of replicating the newest generation of the Mjolnir armor's helmet in the best way possible.

The backplate of the card shows off the Halo Infinite logo as well as the Master Chief's call numbers '117', but the most fun feature for us is the data slot that the AI Cortana resided in for all those years. Once you see the front of the card you'll see why we believe anyone who is lucky enough to get their hands on one will certainly want to mount this beauty vertically and show it off. Master Chief's reflective visor is almost as iconic as the halo theme itself and we are treated to it in full force around the center fan.

That said, if we could make one suggestion to the aesthetics of this card it would be to make that rear I/O cover black powder coated, since the silver kinda distracts from the overall design of the card.

For those wanting a chance to win one make sure you're following Radeon's Twitter account, and keep up with us by following the official Hot Hardware Twitter as well.