AMD Altair FX Rumors

The Inquirer has posted some information today regarding AMD's upcoming quad-core "Altair" FX processor.  According to the rumors, the Altair FX will sport a total of 6MB of cache, spread out amongst the four cores, and it will be manufactured on AMD's 65nm process node.

"We managed to dig out a few more details about the real Quad core codenamed Altair FX. It will work at 2.7 to 2.9GHz and will end up with 2MB of dedicated L2 cache memory and an additional 2MB of shared L3 cache memory. When we say dedicated, it means that each CPU has 2 MB of L2 memory, total of 4MB of L2 memory plus 2MB of shared L3."

Because we're so far ahead of the game, don't be surprised if these rumors don't become reality. What's technically true today, may not be tomorrow.

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