When AMD Is Allegedly Launching More Ryzen 5000X3D CPUs With 3D V-Cache

amd ryznen 7 5800x3d v cache
The AM4 platform's exceptional longevity has earned it immense and continuous praise from the enthusiast community, but now its reign is over and it's time to move on to Socket AM5, right? Well, maybe not quite yet.

Regular readers will remember our reporting on a story from a few days ago where Hungarian site ProHardver! asked motherboard manufacturers if Zen 4-based processors were coming to Socket AM4. Their reply was "almost certainly not" because the Zen 4 chiplets are apparently too tall to fit in an AM4 package. However, the site noted that it was advised of at least one forthcoming Socket AM4 CPU: a purported Ryzen 9 5900X3D sporting twelve cores and some 200 MB of shared CPU cache.

greymon55 tweets
Adding fuel to the flames now is well-known leaker Greymon55 who tweeted that we'll get information on "several new" Zen3D products next month, along with details of some new lower-end parts for Socket AM4. Those lower-end parts could be based on the Mendocino design, which uses stripped-down Zen 2 cores along with very small RDNA 2 GPUs.

But of course, the lower-end parts aren't what everyone is interested to read about. The mind boggles with ideas about what could be included in the list of "several" parts. Obviously, the twelve-core 5900X getting a 3D variant is possible; it's also possible that we could see the flagship 16-core 5950X getting the 3D V-cache treatment.

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Performance in games is absolutely awesome...

Arguably more interesting would be something like a 5600X3D. As the largest gains from 3D V-cache were found in gaming, and as gaming generally doesn't care about cores past six or eight, a reasonably-priced Ryzen 5 5600X3D could be a price-performance winner for gaming systems. Indeed, as we mentioned in our post on Tuesday, it's a little hard to imagine the use cases for a 5900X3D or 5950X3D given the small impact that the extra cache has on content creation tasks.

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... but productivity is only so-so.

AMD's Zen 4 processors are supposedly going on sale in mid-September, less than two months away. Depending on what chips the company comes out with, users could be stuck with a difficult decision—upgrade to a Zen3D processor in their existing AM4 machine, or move up to Socket AM5. Socket AM5 will require still-expensive DDR5 memory, so ultimately the Zen3D processor upgrade might be the smarter option for some users. It'll all come down to the benchmarks—which you know that we'll have for you as soon as we have the parts in hand.
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