AMD 90nm Socket 754 Sempron 3300+ Launch

Good morning (or evening) everyone. Today, AMD has taken the wraps off their latest edition Sempron, the Socket 754 based Sempron 3300+. This time around, AMD is targeting Intel's Celerons with their 3300+, looking to challenge the fastest offerings currently available. While some may think the Sempron 3300+ is merely a speed bump compared to the 3100+, guess again. AMD has tweaked the processor with new features and manufacturing process to help maintain a competitive edge in the economy class processor sector. Today, we'll highlight the critical changes that are incorporated in the latest Sempron 3300+, then we'll line up AMD's latest chip next to the 3100+ and a Celeron D 335 @ 2.8GHz to see if the Sempron 3300+ lives up to AMD's expectations. Click here to get started!


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