AMD Ryzen 8040U Mobile And 7000G Desktop CPUs Spotted Flexing Zen 4

phoenix2 dieshot
Much has been made of AMD's mobile SoC naming convention, but it's really not that complicated. The first digit tells you what year it came out, the second digit tells you where it sits in the product stack, and the third digit tells you exactly which Zen CPU core it's using. With that knowledge, we can accurately judge that a hypothetical "Ryzen 5 8540U" will come out next year sporting Zen 4 CPU cores.

Well, maybe not so hypothetical, as it happens. Established leaker 포시포시 (better known as @harukaze5719 on Xwitter) just posted up some information apparently sent by a tipster that seems to confirm the existence of several Ryzen 8000 series processors as well as, surprisingly, some new Ryzen desktop CPUs.

ryzen8000 shippingmanifest leak harukaze5719

We'll start with the mobile parts. What the leaker posted is a shipping manifest of some kind that lists the Ryzen 3 8440U and Ryzen 5 8540U processors. It marks them down for six cores, a 28W TDP, and the FP7R2 BGA form factor, but doesn't list any other technical specifications. The listing also includes a "Ryzen 3 8840U", but we think that's a typo as the product number is the same for the 8440U down the image.

We believe these are almost guaranteed to be "Hawk Point" processors, which we've reported on in the past. The short version is that Hawk Point is thought to be a refinement of AMD's Phoenix design that upgrades the GPU to RDNA 3.5 and supposedly makes undisclosed changes to the XDNA NPU built into those processors. However, the CPU cores remain Zen 4 and it's all still fabricated on some form of TSMC's N4 process.

ryzen7000g shippingmanifest leak harukaze5719

The other half of the shipping manifest is also interesting. It reveals the existence of Socket AM5 "G"-series processors. Specifically, the listing includes the Ryzen 3 7300G and Ryzen 5 7500G as well as their "PRO" variants as 65W desktop CPUs headed to Socket AM5. Historically AMD has released "G" series Ryzen desktop processors based on monolithic laptop silicon, and it looks like that's what these are, too.

We don't actually know if these will be based on Phoenix or Phoenix 2 silicon. The 65W TDP rating isn't informative, as that's simply the lowest TDP AMD has shipped on Socket AM5. The shipping manifest marks down the Ryzen 5 PRO 7500G as a quad-core CPU, but like the leaker, we suspect that that's probably inaccurate. We could believe it for the Ryzen 3 7300G, but it would be very unusual for a Ryzen 5 desktop CPU in 2023 to be a quad-core.

While AMD hasn't said anything about any of these next-gen CPUs so far, the appearance of these part numbers in shipping manifests means that their launch likely isn't far away. We're heading into November this week, and that means 2024 is just two months away. We wouldn't be surprised if AMD announces the Ryzen 8000 series mobile processors at CES, as the company seems fond of doing, given the last two years of CES launches. As for the desktop Ryzen 7000G parts, those will probably get a quieter launch within the next couple of months.

AMD Phoenix 2 die shot leaked by HXL (@9550Pro).